Mosmatic generates a wide range of products. We provide over


Car Wash


High Pressure Cleaning


Rotary Unions

Car wash

Mosmatic offers a comprehensive range of products for self-service car wash, tunnel carwash or individual applications. Manufacturer and service technicians trust in our quality and performance.


High pressure cleaning

Efficient cleaning tools for professional use. Our surface cleaners set the standard for commercial and industrial requirements.


Rotary unions

Compact, maintenance free and extremely versatile. The wide range of rotary unions offers you a suitable and reliable solution.

Master Catalogue

Browse through our master catalogue. Use the search field to find the item you are looking for easily. Just type in the part number you will be forwarded directly to that catalogue page. All catalogue pages can be downloaded, printed and shared.

Swiss made

Mosmatic stands for Swiss high quality workmanship. More than 40 years of experience guarantees the quality that you deserve. It is obvious that our products are made primarily of stainless steel. By using resistant materials and construction we protect valuable resources. Positive feedback from our customers is our motivation to bring new and exciting innovations to the market.


To Mosmatic, efficiency is a significant value. Starting with the incoming orders, through production, assembly and final delivery, Mosmatic keeps the steps of production short to achieve the optimum efficiency in every step of the procedure.

Since 2000 Mosmatic AG is certified by ISO 9001 standards.


Our customer`s trust is based on the reliability of our products. Due to decades of experience and high standards, we can offer the guarantee of first class quality. Mosmatic products correspond to Australian standards and industrial safety. The endurance of our products results from the professional expertise and precision of every individual employee.

Long-term investment

All our products are designed for longevity. The solid construction make them last even under extreme conditions. Our products are a 100% recyclable helping to protect the environment.

Green Line

Switzerland is one of the countries with the strictest environmental regulations worldwide. We are not just following those regulations but going beyond them. As manufacturer of rotary unions, car wash and high pressure equipment we are well aware of our responsibility towards nature. The green leaf represents our dedication towards the sustainability of Mosmatic products and processes.