High Quality Rotary Unions

for a wide variety of applications

Often unnoticed but essential in many industries: Rotary Unions. There are many applications that require swivels for example car washes, production facilities, hose reels, cleaning systems, hydraulic systems and many more. The various fields of operation set broad requirements for rotary unions. With different designs, nominal widths and sealing materials Mosmatic covers many applications and industries.

How to choose the correct swivel for your application

Due to the diverse requirements for swivels, the available range on the market is huge and can be overwhelming at first glance. In order to find out what swivel may be suitable for your application, you should make considerations on the following points before purchase:

  • 90° or inline
  • Pressure (max. bar)
  • Mounting-Design
  • RPM (max. RPM)
  • Forces: Axial, radial or both
  • Flow volume (l/min)
  • Connections
  • Flow Medium / pH-value
  • Fluid temperature (°C)
  • Duty cycle (hour/day)

Use our selection guide to find a suitable rotary union or simply fill in the online form with your application details and we will get back to you.

In case you are not able to find the right swivel in our existing product range, we are able to realise customised solutions. With your vision and our in-house R&D Team we will create individual solutions that suit your needs and machines. Fill in our online form as detailed as you can and we will get back to you.


You are looking for detailed measurements or the Step-File (3D model) of a particular rotary union? The Mosmatic Engineering platform was created to help technical drawers and engineers. You can search by different specifications or by the item number.


Rotary Unions
Inline and 90°

If you are looking for large nominal widths at low RPM, this is the range to look at. Smaller swivels for high pressure applications up to 500bar can be found here as well.

Rotary Unions
High RPM

Up to 2000 RPM and 500bar / 7300 psi. This is the section for our high-performance rotary unions, even for underwater applications. Different designs, sealing materials and swivels with up to four bearings are available.

Rotary Unions
Individual Solution

You need a customised rotary union? Maybe with more than one in- and outlet? With your vision and our in-house R&D Team we are able to realise individual solutions that suit your needs and machines. Fill in our online form with your application details and we will get back to you.

„By offering different nominal widths, sealing materials and designs Mosmatic covers a wide range of swivel applications.“

The Benefit of a Mosmatic Rotary Union

For more than 40 years Mosmatic designs and produces Rotary Unions for a wide variety of customers and industries worldwide. The know-how from over four decades is reflected in the form, function and resistance of our swivels. We are proud of our passionate and highly-trained employees who use latest machinery and high-quality materials to manufacture our rotary unions.

Your benefit at a glance

Low torque under maximum pressure


Self-lubricating swivels with warning system


Patented sealing system


Know-How of four decades


Design, production and assembly in Switzerland


Customised solutions possible


Quality assessment with latest 3D measurement technology

Fields of application

Our rotary unions can be found in many industries. Some of them are:

Belt cleaning
Cleaning Equipment
Construction machinery
Fire services
Fishnet cleaning
Food industry
High Pressure Cleaning
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Industry
Municipal vehicles
Paint industry
Sewer cleaning
Tank trucks
Vehicle cleaning
Woodworking Industry
… and many more.

Throughput Medium

All our swivels are suitable for fluids with a pH-value between 3 – 12 and a filtration of up to 10µm. Compressed air up to 20bar/ 290psi is possible as well. The swivels are available with NBR, EPDM or FKM/Viton seals.

Movie – Live rotation under maximum pressure


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Generally speaking our rotary unions are maintenance free. The bearing compartments are sealed which means that there is no need to regrease the swivel. In order to get the most out of your swivel, there are a few small things to consider. We are happy to give you some handy tips how to keep your swivel going.

Warning system for seals

The weep holes on the side of our swivels are not for greasing but to indicate if the seals inside need to be replaced.

When the rotary union is visibly installed

If you see water constantly coming out of the weep holes, the seals inside need to be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise the grease will be flushed out of the bearing compartment and the swivel will fail and stop spinning.

Contact your Mosmatic dealer to get the right seal kit for your swivel. You learn how to replace the seals in the video below.

When the rotary union is invisibly installed

The weep holes of our swivel types DXTI, DYT und DYU have a female threat. This allows you to divert the water by using a tube or hose.

Underwater Applications

Our underwater rotary unions are equipped with a special check valve to ensure no outside water can get inside the swivel. This contributes to the longer life of your swivel.

Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions

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Spare Parts

Seal Kit
The seals build the core of our swivels. They enable the swivel to rotate while being leak-proof.

The swivel has to withstand different variables like pressure, throughput medium and temperature. To get the most of your swivel the seals and O-rings need to be replaced from time to time. This way you protect the bearings and extend the life of your rotary union.

Bearing Kit
The function of the bearings is to absorb axial and radial forces. The bearing compartments are sealed with O-rings to avoid grease from being flushed out.
If you miss to replace the O-rings, the compartment will get flushed and the bearings will run without lubrication. Ultimately this will lead to failure of the swivel.
Besides the seal kit we also offer Bearing Kits for some swivel types.

Repair Kit
The Repair Kit is available for a few of our rotary unions and includes the Seal and Bearing Kit.

How to clamp a swivel

To replace the O-Rings, seals or bearings you need to open up the swivel. It is important to clamp the swivel in the correct manner to avoid damage to the housing, threats and internals. If possible you should use aluminium soft jaws.

Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions
Rotary Unions

Rotor Arms

The Mosmatic Rotary Unions and Rotor Arms are the perfect match. The rotor arms are made of stainless steel and are available in different configurations. They are automatically welded and a 100% balanced to avoid vibrations and to ensure smooth operations. In combination with our high quality rotary unions you get an efficient system to clean surfaces, conveyor belts, vehicles, equipment and many more.



The models mentioned are just a section of a wide range of Mosmatic products. While visiting our website, have a look at other products like the Wheelblaster Series, High Pressure Lances, Car Wash Equipment or Duct Cleaner.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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