Surface Cleaners for professional use

No matter if exterior or interior cleaning: With the world’s widest variety of surface cleaners, we got you covered!

Clean more square meters in less time

Time is money. A truth that applies to all industries. Especially the cleaning sector needs to be time efficient to achieve economical results. With a surface cleaner you are able to clean multiple times faster than with an average high pressure lance. Thanks to the cleaning radius of up to 75cm, surfaces are free of debris in no time. The housing is a great feature that helps to keep the surrounding areas free from splashing waste water and debris. Apart from floors you can also clean stairs, walls, roofs and other surfaces.

What is the difference to a high pressure lance?

Many cleaning companies work with high pressure lances. The lance provides easy handling and good results. So why would you need a surface cleaner? There are many reasons to switch your equipment. With a surface cleaner you work fast, splash-free and streak-free.

With a high pressure lance you only have one nozzle that covers a small area at a time. The side-to-side cleaning movement can be tiring. With the surface cleaner instead you can clean with a large radius of up to 75cm, depending on the model size. Underneath the housing there are two resp. three high pressure nozzles on a rotating rotor arm, which do the work for you. All you have to do is push the surface cleaner in front of you. The stainless steel housing is not only a great splashguard and protects the operator from flying debris, it also guarantees an even cleaning results due to keeping the same distance of nozzle to the ground for a streak-free cleaning result. Thanks to the rotating cleaning motion every spot gets hit by the waterjet multiple times within a second, which gives you an even greater cleaning result. Another advantage over a high-pressure lance is the recovery port that allows for waste water to be recycled or discharged.

The practical and time-saving solution

The Commercial FL-CR 520 is the bestseller of our more than 30 different surface cleaner models.
It is very easy to manoeuvre thanks to its light weight.

Technical specifications

Diameter 520 mm / 750 mm
Pressure 275 bar (optional 500 bar)
Temperature 120°C
Input G3/8″M
Weight 12 kg

✓ Premium quality
✓ Durable and robust
✓ High performance
✓ Different sizes available
✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Made for daily use


Stainless Steel Caster

Heavy duty ø60mm casters with custom mounting brackets ensure easy manoeuvring even in confined spaces.


Swiss Engineering

High rpm stainless steel swivel features reinforced self lubricated stainless steel ball bearings for improved performance. The dual spring based carbide seal system, guarantees long lasting operation under tough conditions.


High-Precision Rotor Arm

Produced in an automated welding process, the Mosmatic rotor arms are highly robust and 100% balanced. Available with 2 arms/2 nozzles or 3 arms/3 nozzles.


Mosmatic High Pressure Gun «Neo»

Equipped with the Low-Trigger-Force Technology, this gun needs 90% less holding force and 40% less trigger force compared to your standard HP-Gun.


Brush Ring

The Brush Ring prevents debris from splashing sideways. Other than with a HP Lance, the surrounding area does not get polluted. It is made of hard plastic and very robust.

Possible operation areas for our surface cleaners are for example:

Production plants
Shopping Center
Public Areas and Parks
Private buildings
Parking lots
Event and Exhibition Halls
Factory halls
Gas stations
Seating Areas
Running Tracks (Tartan Track)
Recreational Facilities

Possible materials that can be cleaned with our surface cleaners:
Natural stones
Sheet metal
And many other hard surfaces

Hygienic and environmentally friendly

Over time dirt starts to build up on floors and walls. Exhaust gases, lichens, moss and others get deep into pores. This can not only result in an unpleasant look and dangerously slippery surface, worst the residues can seriously damage the surface material. Surface cleaners effectively remove moss, verdigris, oil spots and other contaminants even without the addition of chemicals. Not using chemicals protects the environment and if a surface needs disinfection, the Steaminator is your choice. This surface cleaner is designed for use with dry steam and withstands temperatures up to 180°C. So germs and viruses don’t stand a chance. Learn more

Surface Cleaners in action

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Application pictures

Which surface cleaner suits my application?

Mosmatic offers the widest variety of surface cleaners worldwide. Depending on the surroundings, material and size of the cleaning job there are different models available. Another critical factor for your choice of surface cleaner is the power of your high pressure pump. Also the combination of water volume, pressure and nozzle size is essential for a great cleaning result. We are happy to help with our advice.

Surface Cleaner

To select a suitable surface cleaner you should be able to answer the following questions: What is the pressure and water volume of my high pressure pump? How many square meters/square feet do I need to clean? Am I working with cold water, hot water or steam? Do I need to recover the waste water? Do I need castors on my surface cleaner?






Contractor & Contractor Big

Graffiti Cleaner Mosmatic

Graffiti Remover

Kaugummi entfernen

Gum Remover

With Recovery System

Surface cleaners with a recovery system can collect or discharge waste water. A great benefit especially when it comes to internal cleaning or cleaning with chemicals. With its integrated suction system the surface cleaner Aqua even eliminates bulky vacuum systems. Thanks to the Venturi principle the only thing you need with this surface cleaner is a hose. On the models with recovery port you can recycle or extract the water with an industrial pump-out vacuum.






Steaminator (for Steam)

Professional Mosmatic



Recovery System

Spare Parts

The swivels of our surface cleaners are self-lubricating. For this reason all surface cleaners are maintenance free. As a manufacturer of equipment for professional use, we know that little accidents happen from time to time. That is why we offer many spare parts for our equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help finding the right spare part for you.

Upgrade Kit

In case you already have another branded surface cleaner and want to upgrade, have a look at our Upgrade Kits. The conversion kit replaces the most important elements of a third-party product with the high-quality Mosmatic components: swivel and rotor arm. Your old surface cleaner will work just like new.

• Cost effective Upgrade
• Easy to assemble
• Quality Swivel and Rotor Arm
• Mounting plate with hole pattern of other branded product

Upgrade kit
Questions and Answers

What high pressure pump is required to run a surface cleaner?
This is the questions we get the most.

Our answer: It depends on your field of application and the level of pollution. Most of our surface cleaners come with 1503 HP-nozzles. This is why we can give you the following parameters as an orientation. The pump should bring at least 100bar/1500psi and depending on the surface cleaner size following water volume: 13.5 litres per minute for models up to ø 520mm/21” and 20.5 litres per minute for ø 750mm/30” models.

This information can be used as a rule of thumb and can vary up or down depending on your application. The right combination of pressure, water volume and nozzle are crucial for a great cleaning result. We are here to assist you.

How to maintenance the surface cleaner?
There is no general maintenance required.

Do I need to regrease the swivel?
No. Our swivels are self-lubricating. There are two holes on the sides of the swivels. These holes function as a “warning system” for the internal seals. In case water is continuously leaking out of the holes, you need to replace the seals as soon as possible.

Is it possible to repair the swivel?
Yes. We offer seal kits.

Is it possible to order spare parts?
Yes. Lost your spare part list? Contact us.

Where can I buy a Mosmatic Surface Cleaner?
As a manufacturer Mosmatic sells through a network of authorised dealers and representatives only. We are happy to provide the contact details of your nearest Mosmatic Dealer. Simply send us an email.

Do I need a water filter?
To protect the seals and to get a long performance out of your surface cleaner, you should use a water filter. (Catalogue Page 93)

Do I need to replace the rotor arm when it’s bent?
Yes, absolutely. An unbalanced rotor arm has a negative effect on the ball bearing of the swivel, which can lead to complete failure.

Why is my surface cleaner vibrating?
Probably the rotor arm of your surface cleaner hit something and is not balanced anymore. You should replace the rotor arm as soon as possible. An unbalanced rotor arm has a negative effect on the ball bearing of the swivel, which can lead to complete failure.

Is there a Mosmatic Surface Cleaner available made of plastic?
No. All Mosmatic Surface Cleaner are made of stainless steel.

The surface cleaner has a round shape. How to get into corners?
To be honest, you don’t. No matter if the housing of a surface cleaner is square or round shape. Due to the round cleaning pattern of a surface cleaner, you will need an additional lance to clean corners. For example our surface cleaner Contractor is already equipped with an additional lance or choose from a variety of HP-lances.


The models mentioned are just a section of a wide range of Mosmatic products. While visiting our website, have a look at other products like the High Pressure Lances, Duct Cleaners, Car Wash Equipment and Rotary Unions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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