Mobile Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp

Low Profile, Effective, and Industrial Grade

Protect your fleet – where and when you need it with Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp!

Designed for the toughest cleaning jobs, Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp is the perfect solution for removing debris, salt, chemicals, weed and seed, and other items that can harm your chassis.
Whether you need a quick and easy installation or a permanent solution, our system can be set up in just minutes, without the need for any special tools. And with its versatile and expandable design, you can customize it to meet the unique needs of your fleet.
Invest in Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your fleet is always protected, wherever and whenever you need it.


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Reduces Maintenance and Service Costs


Prolongs the Life of your Vehicles


Can Be Used Mobile or Anchored


Easy Assembly

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More Benefits

Upgrade Your Vehicle Maintenance with Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp – The Industry-Leading Solution for mobile undercarriage Vehicle Cleaning.

Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp is an innovative and versatile solution for vehicle maintenance, boasting all-stainless construction with industrial strength and design. With a height of only 120 mm, it can handle vehicles from police cruisers to loaded cement trucks. Our unique design is also fully expandable, allowing you to add rocker and side cannons for a complete vehicle wash-down setup.

Utilizing patented hydro-driven swivel technology, the system operates with a high-pressure water system, which gives you the performance and cleanness you would expect from other systems. The high-impact cleaning nozzle combined with the rotating cleaning action breaks up and flushes debris away, leaving your vehicle looking like new. You can choose your system setups from 22 l/min to 76 l/min, and our swivels allow for use with heat up to 120 deg C° and chemicals from PH3-12.

This very versatile design allows for a fixed or mobile setup, wherever or whenever you need it. The surface mount feature does not interfere with your floor heat and can be safely mounted without risk of damage to the heating system. Mosmatic’s tested, proven, and patented hydro-driven swivel technology offers reliability and performance without needing electric or hydraulic motors.

Prevent Rust and Corrosion with Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp.

Keeping your vehicle’s undercarriage clean is essential to prevent rust and corrosion, reduce maintenance costs, and prolong component life. Heavy dirt and grime build-up can retain heat, leading to fluid breakdown and hose/line wear. A clean chassis not only facilitates visual inspection but also reduces the risk of technician injury from loose debris.

Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp is the perfect solution for fleets of any size. Its stainless construction, industrial strength, and unique design make it versatile and easy to use. The unit can be set up wherever and whenever you need to clean, protect, or preserve company assets without requiring special equipment or tools. Thanks to the Mosmatic design team there is no need for specialized training or setup staff.

In addition to its benefits for vehicle maintenance and cost reduction, Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp also plays a vital role in biosecurity. The accumulation of dirt and debris on a vehicle’s undercarriage can harbor invasive species, plant matter, and soil that may carry pests and diseases. These harmful agents can spread to new areas, compromising the ecological balance and endangering plant and animal life. By using Mosmatic’s Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp, you can help prevent the spread of harmful agents and promote biosecurity in your operations.



  • Job sites
  • Depots / Service shops
  • Horticulture
  • Mines
  • etc.


  • Trucking
  • Municipal
  • Courier
  • EMS-Police-Fire
  • Travel providers
  • Rental agencies
  • etc.

Disinfection / Biosecurity

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock/Poultry farms
  • Processing facilities
  • Noxious and evasive weeds
  • Chemical ashes
  • Weed and seed controlling
  • etc.


  • Boat ramps
  • Campers and RVs
  • ORV vehicles
  • Race and track vehicles
  • etc.

Technical Data

Pressure  70 bar (7 MPa)
Temperature  120°C
Water connection Ramp G3/8″  M
Water connection WBP 4x G3/8″ F
Throughput medium pH 3-12
min. ground clearance 122 mm


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