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Promo – Hurricane LP

More than an Undercarriage Cleaner

Your new tool for heavy debris on construction vehicles!

Mosmatic is specialized in


Car Wash Technology

Mosmatic offers a comprehensive range of products for self-service car wash, tunnel carwash or universal use. Manufacturers and service technicians trust the high quality and performance that we provide.


High Pressure Cleaning Technology

Mosmatic produces efficient cleaning tools for professional use. Our surface cleaners set the standard for commercial and industrial applications.


Rotary Unions

Mosmatic rotary unions give you the performance you can count on with their clean, compact and maintenance free design. There is Swiss quality and reliability in the design and performance.

Master Catalog 2020

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Catalog 2020

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Technical specifications

Detailed information about pressure, dimensions, flow … etc.


The Hurricane Series comes in two models;  HUR and HURp. These units are mobile making them time-saving, cost efficient undercarriage cleaning.

The multifunctional Hurricane Pro Undercarriage Cleaners can also clean vertically.

Stand out points from the Hurricane Series are:

  • Maneuverability
  • Quality rotor-arms, swivels and nozzles
  • HP Gun with Relax Action
  • And many more

Please watch the application movie and see for yourself!



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High quality

To us quality is not just a slogan, but the bench mark for our efforts.


Innovations are responsible for one-third of economic growth. Mosmatic’s research and development of new products and technical procedures is continuous.

Individual solutions

Give us a description of your application and our sales engineers will be happy to help you with a solution.


Mosmatic products are absolutely ecological and sustainable. The environmentally friendly products can be completely recycled.

Quickest possible delivery times

The delivery time may vary, depending on the product and quantity. Mosmatic is always anxious to ensure the quickest possible delivery term.

Professional services

Our qualified employees will be happy to assist and answer your questions regarding any Mosmatic products. Technical documentation and product specification catalog pages can be found directly on our website.

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