New! The Mosmatic Catalog 2018


View the new 2018 Mosmatic Catalog here. You can also download it and have it readily available for you to reference at any time.

What`s new for 2018? Check out Page 4 and get an overview:

  • Mosmatic HP Gun Series
  • Gun Swivel DGVI ½”M ½” F
  • HP Special Wands
  • Cleaner AQUA – FL-SAR
  • Surface Cleaner Allrounder FL-AEB 200
  • Surface Cleaner in D: 30” – FL-PB Big and Professional FL-AHY
  • You will also find some Mosmatic upgrades in this new Catalog.

For Example: Manhole Cleaner – with new clips;  Wheelblaster Compact – flexible mounting plate; TUW Undercarriage Cleaner- new self-cleaning tool included; Mosmatic Flex-Brush Wand with an improved flex mechanism.

View the new Mosmatic Catalog. You can flip through it, download single pages or download the whole Catalog. Choose what suits you best.

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