Future Day 2023 at Mosmatic

Future Day 2023 at Mosmatic


Mosmatic had the pleasure of welcoming six curious children as part of the Future Day 2023 at their headquarters in Switzerland. Future Day provides students with the opportunity to get a glimpse into various professional fields and gain insights into the working world for a day. It is always a joy for us to welcome young talents and offer them a day full of exciting experiences.

At the end of the day, the children expressed enthusiasm for the insights gained and warmly thanked us for the exciting experience. As a company, we were thrilled about the interest shown by the younger generation in our fields of activity. We hope that Future Day has contributed to deepening understanding of different professions and perhaps even laid the foundation for future career paths.

Thus, Future Day 2023 at Mosmatic was not only an enriching experience for the children but also for us as a company. Promoting interest and understanding in various professional fields is a crucial step in inspiring and nurturing the talents of tomorrow.