Important dates to add to your calendar


Mosmatic is ready for the 2016 Exhibitions and they include the Carwash, High Pressure Cleaning and the Swivel Industry.

Don’t miss them and mark the dates below on your calendar!

  • WWETT Indianapolis, February 18th
  • The Car Wash Show, Nashville May 9th
  • ISSA Interclean Amsterdam, May 10th 
  • IFAT, May 30th
  • Uniti Expo, June 14th
  • Public Works Expo, August 28th
  • Automechanika Frankfurt, September 10th
  • ISSA Interclean North America, October 26th
  • PACK Process Expo, November 6th

We look forward to seeing you there!

Check the link below to get more information:

Mosmatic ExhibitionMosmatic Exhibition