Mosmatic AG supporting the campaign

Mosmatic supports


Mosmatic AG takes pride in supporting the campaign! We understand the significance of a strong vocational education and are eager to share these values and spread our enthusiasm for vocational training.

We want to reiterate our pride in our successful graduates and express our deep admiration for our current apprentices who are in the midst of their training. They collectively constitute over 10% of our workforce.

For Mosmatic AG, it is crucial to train and develop young professionals. As an innovative company, we believe in nurturing young talents to shape the future of our company and the industry. Vocational education allows us to impart specialized knowledge, instill our core values, and educate qualified professionals. We firmly believe that educating young individuals not only drives their personal growth but also makes a valuable contribution to society. By supporting and empowering our apprentices, we enable them to become dedicated professionals.

This summer, we are proud to welcome three new apprentices into our ranks, and we are excited to witness their personal success stories.