Mosmatic nominated for Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp

Mosmatic was nominated for the SABC Swiss Innovation Award 2022


Mosmatic AG is proud to announce their nomination for the SABC Swiss Innovation 2022.  SABC (Swiss American Business Council) is an organization that supports the development and promotion of an active Swiss American business community in Chicago and in the Midwest of the U.S. This is achieved through numerous events, information exchanges, and networking opportunities, which take place throughout the year. In 2018, SABC launched the Swiss Innovation Initiative, supporting the promotion of Swiss innovations in the Midwest of the U.S.

For five years SABC has awarded the Swiss Innovation Award to SMEs that distinguish themselves through their innovative performance in their industry. This award honors Swiss-affiliated manufacturers and service providers in the U.S., who have made remarkable efforts in innovations that are not only beneficial for the Swiss American market but also for society.

Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp

Mosmatic has been nominated for its latest development, the Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp. A product that stands out for its efficiency, mobility, and user-friendliness. The Undercarriage Cleaner with Ramp is made of high-quality materials that are durable and sturdy. Therefore, an efficient cleaning outcome can be offered.
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“We are very proud to be nominated for this award,” said Patrick Rieben, CEO of Mosmatic AG. “It is a great honor to be recognized by SABC as a company; capable of developing legit innovative solutions and providing additional value to the Swiss American market.”

Mosmatic AG congratulates all other nominated companies.

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