New Catalogue 2019

New Products – Catalog 2019


Check out the new 2019 Mosmatic Catalog online! Full of new and exciting innovations and product upgrades. You can download the complete catalog now and always have it at hand.

What’s new? See page 4 to get an overview of our new products:
• Surface Cleaner FL-AER 410
• Surface Cleaner Professional in ½” model
• Surface Cleaner AQUA – FL-SAR with integrated recovery
• New version of WDEI swivel for low pressure
• iRex Mosmatic Turbo Nozzle
• Mosmatic mat holder 100% stainless steel

You will also find the Mosmatic product upgrades, for example:
• Our LED ceiling boom with lighting – New LED strip protection
• Wheel washer Wheelblaster Pro – New swivel
• Mobile Underbody Cleaner Hurricane Pro – Swivel upgrade
• DGE and DGEI the rotary union for big flow rates – New safety ring
• The saltwater rotary union DYKI – new integrated check valve

Please contact our sales team for advice or to answer any questions, they will be happy to assist you! Contact us via or phone +1-844-384-1602.