A Must Have: Mosmatic Lance Holder

Car Wash, Generally

The Mosmatic Lance Holder is a vital part of every self-serve bay or high pressure application that uses a lance. There is a standard floor mount version and a wall mount version.

They are made of stainless steel and have features like the recovery port, the lance stop and the spring suspension. The lance stop feature eliminates the risk of injury and the spring suspension extends the life of the lance.

NEW! Mosmatic designed a holder for two lances and only one recovery port. With the Dual Lance holder you have the ability to easily prepare your self-serve bay or other applications for an additional lance.

The Mosmatic Dual Ceiling Boom DDPbl with LED lighting is the perfect match! You can also use the Mosmatic DDP, DDF, DDK or the Dual Wall-Boom WAD.

The lance holders are compatible with commercial lances.

If you have any questions concerning product characteristics or installation please contact us: sales@mosmatic.com
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