Mosmatic Rotary Union is Your Solution

High or low RPM? High or low flow? High or low pressure? Mosmatic’s wide range of products offer a quality solution in every application. Mosmatic rotary unions are internationally known for quality. They are perfect for applications in the Car Wash, High Pressure Cleaning, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and in Industrial Cleaning industries.

The DGV, DGS and WDEI 90 degree swivels are Mosmatic’s long-running favorites.

• Live rotation under maximum pressure
• Stainless steel internal parts
• Reinforced inner shaft and bearings

Application: HP-Guns, hose connections, hydraulics, tangle-free applications

• Very low torque
• Easy rotation at maximum pressure
• Maintenance free

Application: High and low pressure cleaning, hose connections, ceiling booms, hydraulics

• Low pressure and High pressure designs
• Complete stainless steel
• Sliding bearing system

Application: Hose reels


Rotary unions are the heart of an application. For an example of this are the following Mosmatic products: Surface cleaners, ceiling booms, wall brackets, high pressure guns, high pressure lances, and car wash lances.

Use our selection guide to find the right rotary union or you can fill out the form for an individual enquiry.

If you have any questions or if you would like a quote, please see contact info below: Phone: +41 71 375 64 64


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