Fight viruses with Mosmatic Products

There are various ways in which we can protect ourselves and our fellow human beings from infection. We would like to focus on how we can keep the environment clean and free of viruses and bacteria. Mosmatic offers a range of different products for disinfection.

Here you will find some of our products that are suitable for this purpose:

Cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces


In general, cleaning is the mechanical removal of dirt and microorganisms without necessarily killing them. Cleaning can significantly reduce the number of germs and can sufficiently clean surfaces, like floors for example.


Is the reduction of the number of pathogenic germs, so that it no longer poses a risk of infection.

Chemical disinfection
In chemical disinfection, pathogens are inactivated by biocidal agents. There is a large number of disinfectant manufacturers. However, the exact instructions of the manufacturer must be observed.

  • It can be an effective solution.
  • Some chemical groups of active ingredients have gaps in their effectiveness.
  • Some organisms may exhibit primary bacterial resistance to individual active ingredients.
  • Disinfectants combined with other disinfectants can lose their effect through decomposition.
  • In extreme cases, the disinfectant itself may be contaminated and become the trigger for infection.
  • Chemical disinfectants are often dangerous (extremely flammable, corrosive, harmful, irritant, allergenic) and therefore, in some cases, a health risk.
  • In general, chemical disinfection is associated with relatively high material costs and in some cases with corrosion risks. It generates waste and sometimes air and wastewater pollution. Physical disinfection methods are therefore safer and preferable.

Physical disinfection
In physical disinfection, microorganisms are killed by heat (dry heat or steam) or radiation (for example UV light). If you make sure that your surface is also heat-resistant, there is nothing to prevent disinfection with steam or hot water.

  • no resistance problems with certain disinfectants
  • no gaps in effectivness
  • no loss of effectiveness due to decomposition of the disinfectant
  • Industrial safety and personnel protection
  • higher environmental friendliness
  • Thermolability of some materials

Possible applications

Surface Cleaner

Mosmatic offers a wide range of professional surface cleaners. Our surface cleaners are all designed for temperatures up to 250°F. Since most micro-organisms become inactive at 210°F, all our surface cleaners are suitable for removing viruses and bacteria from floors, walls or ceilings. Especially suitable is the steamer, which can be used with steam and up to 350°F. If you carefully steam the surface with this heat, you will achieve an even better result.

Possible applications: Nylon-floor cleaning at hospitals, shops, floors at food processing plants or conveyor belt cleaning/sanitizing, public areas


With the Hurricane, you can efficiently spray disinfectant in large areas such as train stations, bus stops or other public places. It is also suitable for conveniently cleaning the underbody and side of various types of vehicles. It can be used with hot water up to 250°F or with chemicals such as disinfectants. It also offers a low pressure option. This way you have a 2 in 1 cleaning device. Through the nozzles, you clean with water and with the low pressure option, you can for example distribute the disinfectant.

Possible applications: Car-, Bus-, Truck-, Van- cleaning, disinfection/sanitizing of farm/animal trucks to stop spread diseases

Steam Rotary Unions

We also offer rotary unions which are also designed for steam. These include the DXLS / DXGS / DXFS. Their applications are mainly steam cleaners and self-rotating applications which are very common in the food industry.

Possible applications: cleaning or sanitizing at food processing plants, kitchens, carpet cleaning, hardwood and stone cleaning, car interior cleaning


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These items are only a small part of our products. Our items range to a total of over 3’000 products. We also offer different lances suitable for disinfection.

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